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October 25 2019

The anniversary exhibition has come to the end

The exhibition "Agricultural Week" is one of the most eventful and large-scale events of Sibexpocentre, more over– this is an event, which talks about agricultural activities in the Irkutsk region. It is here that the largest local manufacturers come together, presenting new products and advanced technologies.


At the closing ceremony of the exhibition, the results were summed up by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Irkutsk Region, Kozin Vyacheslav:

Congratulations on the completion of the anniversary exhibition! I'd like to thank all the participants – these are municipalities and companies that exhibited their products in an open area, as well as in the first pavilion. We invite everyone to the next exhibition, which will be held in 2020


With words of gratitude, the head of the department of organizing exhibitions at the Sibexpocentre exhibition complex Natalya Tretyakova:

Dear participants, many thanks for your professional work, beautifully designed stands, tasty and healthy products, for the presented technologies, equipment and services. Special thanks to our partners – Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region, cooking studio "Anetti", « Komsomolskaya Pravda » and ANO "Baikal". I hope that the exhibition was successful for you, and everyone have found something new and interesting


At the ceremony, well-deserved awards were presented for their contribution to the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Irkutsk region. The Grand Prix of the exhibition was awarded the “Belorechenskoye” PJSC, “Yanta” Group of Companies, CJSC Irkutsk Bakery, LLC "Sayan broiler", JSC "Karavai", SHPK "Usolsky pig farm" etc., municipalities – Irkutsk, Zalarinsky, Kachugsky, Kuytunsky and Cheremkhovsky areas. The gold award was awarded to Ekhirit-Bulagat and Alar districts, LLC Baikalekoprodukt, Helios JSC, LLC "Cedar",etc. The silver award of the exhibition was received by Yantar LLC, CJSC Zheleznodorozhnik, Agrofirm Angara JSC, CJSC Bolsherechenskoye, OOO "Firm" Laktovit ", Union of Gardeners of the Irkutsk Region, etc.

Traditionally, a rich business program was held within the framework of the exhibition, at which the development of the agro-industrial complex was discussed. So, on October 22nd, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk Region together with the Union of Rural Women held a meeting on the topic “Peasant dynasties of the Baikal region - the connection of time”. The meeting was attended by First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Natalia Zhilkina, who proposed solutions to the problems raised.


Also on October 23rd , a round table was held on the promising areas of the crop industry and their implementation in the Irkutsk region. The moderators discussed issues of improving activities - planting new seeds and inventing technologies, as well as improving the industry's efficiency in difficult climatic conditions. In addition, a traditional round table was held on the theme: "Financial and economic policy in the agricultural sector of the Irkutsk region for 2020." The main speakers were representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture. The speakers discussed the main trends, changes, rules, approaches of state support for the industry. On the same day, the Ministry of Agriculture organized another round table: “Modern technologies for promoting products”. Marketers and designers were invited to explain about how to properly promote products so that the farmer understands how to build his marketing strategy.


On October 24th , another business event was organized by the Ministry together with horticultural clubs. The participants discussed how to make the exhibition brighter, and the program interesting and useful, as well as what types of support will be present for associations of gardeners by the state. In addition, on October 24th , two round tables were held at which they talked about the development of livestock breeding, as well as the development of beekeeping in the Irkutsk region. The urgent problems of the activity, and what support mechanisms the state can provide, were discussed. It is important to note the holding of an extended meeting of the regional council, at which the speakers discussed agribusiness education.


In addition to the business program, the exhibition pleased the guests with entertaining events - these are master classes, competitions and vivid performances of folk groups. So, on the opening day of “Agroindustrial Week”, Anetti Culinary Studio organized a master class from the best chefs in Irkutsk. As the head of the studio Anna Loginova noted:« We are very pleased to host such an event again. I remind you that the first one took place this spring, and now we are holding it again at the Sibexpocentre site, for which we are very grateful to the organizers of the exhibition. е. Why are we conducting a master class? We want to show our Irkutsk citizens that you can prepare restaurant dishes yourself, and it is easy and affordable».


On October 23rd , representatives of Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House held their fifth festival, Baikal Dumplings. Five people took part in the competition, among whom a girl competed for the prize, which turned out to be a novelty. The rules were quite simple - you had to eat 15 dumplings the fastest. The prize winner was the Bulanov family, Alexander won the first place, and his wife Inna won the second.


Traditionally, the Irkutsk Brand closed tasting contest was held at the Agroindustrial Week exhibition. The event promotes the regional market of high-quality food and drink, introduction of high technologies in food production with the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials. At the end of the exhibition, the results were summed up. The highest quality products, according to experts, received gold and silver awards.


On the stage of exhibition pavilion, the representatives of the Usolsky pig farm complex held a master class on boning pork carcasses. It was a demonstration of the technology for the proper cutting of meat. On the same day, a master class on cooking grilled pork meat, organized by the Fireplace and Grill hypermarket, was held in an open area. The chef provided an excellent opportunity to everyone present to taste the resulting dish.


But that’s not all. On October 24, ANO Baikal presented the Taste of Baikal festival of national dishes within the framework of the national project Culture. The event was truly spectacular. Chefs demonstrated Chuvash, Tatar and Buryat cuisine. These were quite simple and at the same time exquisite dishes that anyone could try. Organizer Alexey Elizarev noted the benefits of holding the festival: «In fact, this is the popularization of national activities, in particular cuisine, which undoubtedly contributes to the development of national culture. It’s good to see that people who are interested in national cuisine came to the event, it is important for them to see how this or that dish is prepared, try and evaluate, well, and, of course, get a cooking recipe».


The event brought together more than 100 organizations, including large and well-known representatives, as well as small local producers of products. On the shelves one could find dairy products, meat and confectionery, a variety of fish, as well as products of our own harvest from our gardeners and much more. It is safe to say that the anniversary exhibition was held at a high level.